This web site will be of help if you have a condition considered inoperable or terminal.

Of course you are scared. Of course in your blackest moments you see yourself as a lost cause and yet it is only too late to start the fight back if you have never started.

At Tonic we accept your diagnosis but work with you to defy the verdict. Tonic offers hope in 2020.

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The immediate reaction to bad medical news is a mixture of disbelief, confusion, shock and numbness. For example, to be told by a neurosurgeon following a biopsy …  “There’s no easy way of saying this – you have a grade three anaplastic asterocytoma’  …. will terrify the most stoic patient with a malignant brain tumour. Even the very words sound ominous and threatening.

Images flood in of leaving loved ones, loss of dignity lying in bed dependent on others. Media scare stories, friends’ depressing tales and soap opera storylines merge into one frightening vision. Time stands still, priorities change and life and death take on new meanings. These reactions are normal. It is Tonic’s task to change this perspective.