About Us

Tonic is a complementary healthcare clinic committed to working with people with inoperable medical conditions. We are a practical healing resource, not a counselling service.

Our practitioners use advanced clinical hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis techniques, with the objective of extending quality life where further medical intervention has been ruled out. Tonic therapists have the highest qualifications and are registered with the CNHC – the UK regulator for complementary healthcare supported by the British Government’s Department of Health.

We offer no miracle cures and no ‘alternative treatments’ are practised. Tonic only uses complementary therapies which can be used alongside care programmes, such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and more benign treatments such as homeopathy.

In so doing we recognise that our clients are often vulnerable and likely to grasp at any false hope or unproven treatment whatever the cost – such as the Budwig Diet and the sodium declorate acetate (DCA) drug. Tonic seeks to distance itself from such alternatives by working with the approval of doctors and surgeons.

This honest and open approach is reflect in the simple presentation style of this web site. It does not seek to win you business, rather to arouse your curiosity to seek answers. Please call us.