Modus Operandi

When you are ill you seek medical help. In most developed countries the standard of service you can expect will be excellent and you cannot fail to be impressed by the complexity scale of hospitals and the medical marvels they contain.

Indeed, many of the treatments, procedures and equipment used are beyond the comprehension of patients, and one suspects the terminology used is designed to maintain this state of wonder! But you do not need to know how things work, you just need assurance that they will take away your illness and pain.

As an act of faith you hand over liability for your health to those in the know. The more you get sucked into the system, the more you reply on these ’white coats’ and the wonders they perform. But here lies the first weakness in the system – it is geared to establishing a diagnosis on which basis a treatment plan can be implemented, but gives scant regard to identifying causes.

We have a client who has been prescribed pills to handle her high blood pressure with the expectation that she will take them for life. At no time did her doctor talk about causes for hypertension, such as lifestyle and diet. The easiest and most expedient solution was to treat the symptom, regardless of the patient’s overall wellbeing.

Another problem with western medicine comes when it runs out of options. A terminal condition diagnosis is given as an absolute fact, when in reality it is an admission that a particular set of doctors cannot help. It does not mean there are no other options. However, because throughout the entire medical process a patient has been a passive recipient of treatment, this final diagnosis is accepted on face value.

The first task of The Tonic Clinic is to break this mind-set.  Care of your health is a partnership and we will work with you to accept the diagnosis but challenge the verdict. Death is natural but it is equally natural to fight it.

Who will live longer – the patient who accepts that nothing more can be done to save their life, or the patient who sets out to prove the verdict wrong?

The second aspect of our work at the Tonic Clinic is to re-awaken any capability you have to self-heal. We want you to question what the medics have told you. The way you think is the way you feel and your brain potentially has an amazing ability to self-heal. You have just forgotten how.

The first step is to remove your fear. Having secured that objective we will embrace the power of your mind. Using advanced hypnotic imagery and auto suggestion you will be guided to concentrate all your mental resources on one single objective – healing.

It is a fascinating to experience both mind and body becoming still and at peace, and then working together with this single objective.

Our therapy is complementary and can be incorporated into your existing healthcare programme. You are offered an initial free consultation to establish whether we can add value. If so, your therapy is restricted initially to three sessions after which the benefits will be assessed.

We believe this focus on a restricted number of sessions protects our clients who are often desperate, scared and vulnerable. If short term results are not demonstrable it would be unprofessional to offer false hope. Also the most valuable possession our clients have is not money – it is time, and we do not want to squander it.